Data Solutions

Comprehensive data services that identify voters, volunteers, and donors.

Along with our sister firm, 0ptimus, Gridiron is proud to offer data management solutions for your campaign. Good stewardship of data has always been integral to campaigns, but it is often misused or underutilized. We take the guesswork out and offer you real data management with real, live data managers.

We have a team of analysts whom we will embed in your campaign to provide real-time answers, conduct testing, and create solutions for your campaign. We give your field team and finance team real-time answers and strategic guidance based on solid data.

Step 1

We meet with your campaign to discuss goals and your unique needs.

Step 2

We work with your existing data from finance records, the voter file, and social media and begin tracking changes.

Step 3

We install a data analysis team in your campaign office to work with all facets of your campaign. Data is compiled and updated consistently and all changes can be monitored in real time.

Chief of Stuff

Chris Faulkner

We stay up-to-date on tools and strategies for success, but our real strength and the secret to our winning formula is our people.

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